Many reacting to accusations autism study a fraud

RALEIGH However, one Triangle family says that doctor is exactly right, because vaccinations led to their own son developing and now living with autism.

"Jackson was a healthy happy smart toddler meeting all his milestones until his vaccinations at about 16-months-old, he got seven vaccines in one day and was never the same," mother Laura Bono said.

Bono says that was in 1990. Now her son is 21-years-old and needs full time care.

"For me it was simple, it was vaccines," Bono said.

But an investigation says that's not the case. It looked at evidence presented by British physician Andew Wakefield that supported Bono's belief that vaccinations caused her son's autism.

The investigation by the British Medical Journal said Wakefield misrepresented or altered his findings.

Wakefield defends his work and Bono defends Wakefield.

"The people that make the money on the vaccines don't want the truth to be known that there is a subset of children that don't react well," Bono said.

There are respected scientists in Bono's corner and there are thousands of families saying the same thing.

One group from the Triangle, Moms Against Mercury, lead a 2008 march in Washington DC, chanting, "Green our vaccines." Bono says she is convinced that will eventually happen.

"They said that there was no such thing as the Gulf War syndrome, now they say there is a Gulf War Syndrome," she said. "Yes, Agent Orange did cause cancer in Vietnam vets. Yes, cigarettes cause cancer and for all those years, we were told no. I'm telling you the truth will out eventually and parents need to do their homework, they need to know what those toxins are going to do in their children and they need to know that they're on their own."

The investigation's findings have generated a lot of opinions.

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