Millbrook High School fight caught on tape


The student who appeared to be the victim of bullying admitted that he knew there would be a fight when he was challenged to come into the hallway. However, he and his family are infuriated that he is facing the same charges and suspension as the student they said was the bully.

Tyler Best is a 14-year-old ninth grader who is 5' 9" tall.

Tuesday, Tyler ended up at the hospital with face and head injuries after the fight. The school calls the injuries minor.

Because Tyler admitted going out into the hall to confront a 6' 4" student he said was bullying him, he was charged with engaging in a fight and suspended for five days.

"As I was walking into the classroom, Tomas was like, 'Tuka is waiting for you in the hallway.'  And so I put my stuff down and went outside and Tuka was there," said Tyler.

Tyler said he knew he would be pummeled and he was as seen on a video recorded by students waiting in the hall with camera phones at the ready and cheering.

At the end of the video, Tyler appeared to be knocked out cold.

What really upsets Tyler's parents is that the student they say was the aggressor faces the same charges and the same suspension as Tyler.

"I asked the resource officer, 'Are you serious?  You're going to charge both for affray even though my son never, he wasn't an aggressor, he didn't, he didn't hit this gentleman and you're not going to charge the second party with assault when he clearly attacked my son,'" said Tyler's father, Jonathan Best.

Best's son say the fight was preceded by another incident involving the student who hit him.

Tyler said before lunch the other student walked up to him in the hall and slapped him in the face then offered a handshake. Tyler said he refused. He thinks that's what led to the fight.

Tyler's parents were also upset that several videos of the fight were posted on the internet.

Wake County Public Schools Spokesperson Samiha Khanna released this statement, "When it became apparent that students had videotaped the altercation, administrators required students to delete the videos and remove them from the web… school administrators, security and central office staff regularly monitor social media for material that may become a disruption or distraction at school."

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