Computer repair leaves local woman offline


Computer repairs can be frustrating, especially if you get it back in worse shape than you brought it in.

In this case, Kim says her tablet worked fine. It just had a cracked screen. She took it to a local shop for repair. While they fixed the screen, Kim says she had even a bigger problem.

"I dropped it. So the screen had cracks on it, but it was working 100 percent," said Kim. "Like everything worked fine, you know if you can get past the cracked screen." 

Kim took the tablet to Raleigh Geeks to fix the screen. She says she paid $138 for a new screen and waited.

"They were supposed to call me when it was ready, and they didn't call. So I called them," said Kim. "They said it was going to be another day.  Then I called again, at that time they said, 'Oh, well we ordered the wrong part.'" 

After another week, Kim says they installed the new screen but there was another problem.

"They said they wanted me to bring the charger because they said the battery was dead and they couldn't test to make sure it was working," said Kim.

She brought in the charger and waited for a day of full charging.

"They called and said, and that was the only time they called me back, and they said it's not working," said Kim. 

"I kept asking them so what are you going to do at this point?  And they said, I guess we'll give you your money back and you your tablet back," said Kim. "And I said, 'How is it fair that you're just giving me back the money I paid you five weeks ago, but then giving me a tablet that's in worse condition than I left it in?'" 

Kim says she was told a manager would call her, but she heard nothing so she got in touch with me, and I got a hold of a manager at Raleigh Geeks.  He said he wasn't familiar with the case, but would look it up and get back to me. Within hours, Kim got good news.

The company eventually offered to order Kim a new tablet and she accepted, and is now enjoying her new tablet,

"I'm grateful for you stepping in and helping," said Kim. "And I'm glad that at the end, they did come in and fix it."

The manager from Raleigh Geeks never got back to me.

The best advice is these situations, when it comes to electronic repairs, make sure you get a receipt and a written report of what repair.

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