Photographer and his 6-year-old daughter recreate classic paintings

January 28, 2014 1:03:42 PM PST
Most kids enjoy playing dress-up, but one Australian family takes it to a whole new level.

Bill Gekas, a self-taught fine art photographer from Melbourne, turned to portraiture in 2005 and decided that his daughter would be the perfect focal point for his work.

Gekas draws inspiration from his love of Old Masters like Vermeer, Raphael, and Rembrandt. He painstakingly recreates some of their best-known works, emulating the lighting techniques, color palettes, and costumes of the era.

But the real star of these stunning photographs is Gekas's daughter. Her deep eyes and wise glances into the camera give the photographs the solemn and majestic feel that most old masterpieces evoke.

"Our daughter has been enjoying the attention as much as she enjoys dressing up and playing with costumes," Gekas says. They do a photo shoot once every few weeks.

Gekas's award-winning work has appeared in many publications and can be seen on his portfolio website.