Fort Hood soldier talks security at Army bases


One man who survived the first rampage at the Texas post five years ago spoke to ABC11 about the changes he says need to be implemented at every military installation.

Fort Bragg officials aren't saying if they've made any changes on base, but Army Capt. Marreo Burch has some very defined thoughts on what should happen -- starting with more training.

"They haven't locked anything down -- not here," said Burch.

Burch says he's seen no changes so far, in security or anything else, at Fort Bragg.

What he'd like to see happen at Fort Bragg, and bases across the country, is annual, active shooter training.

"Just to practice it because at least you'll have a general idea of how you're supposed to react," said Burch.

Burch was at Fort Hood in 2009 when Nidal Hassan opened fire, killing 13 people.  He says there is some training, and help is available for people who need it, but asked if it's enough, Burch replied, "Obviously it's not."

Burch says the Army does plenty once a person has been identified as needing help, but he says soldiers themselves need to ask for it more often.

"The issue is soldiers not always admitting what's really going on," said Burch. "That's the bigger issue."

That could mean more training. Not about what to do if there's an active shooter on base, but how to identify soldiers with problems long before they get to that point.

"Any issue can trigger certain people certain ways," said Burch. "One day, they're happy, and the next day, they've had to be escorted to their apartment or a mental facility to find out what's wrong.  So, it happens. I've seen it. Every soldier has issues, and the closest person to them is the first to see it and should report it up."

Fort Bragg has also had on-base shootings. Two years ago, a soldier killed his commanding officer. Back in 1995, another soldier was killed when a sergeant opened fire on his own unit.

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