Wake County roofer banned from taking money up front


I've looked into more than two dozen complaints on Wake County roofer Brian Smith. It started with one of his companies, and now he's changed names, but I'm still hearing the same complaints.

Now, the state's attorney general is taking notice and a judge has banned Smith from taking any pre-payment.

In the past, roofs have been left exposed, and waiting to be repaired.

"I haven't heard any more from him, except promises they're going to be here, and there's no show," said Geraldine Elliott.

That was the common theme we heard from viewers when it came to GBS Roofing. At the time, the company took large deposits on roofing jobs, promised the job would get started right away, but months later there was still no work.

"I've called them two or three different times until finally they just quit talking to me. So now I'm here at ABC News' mercy asking for help," said Elliott.

Once we contacted Smith, he got a crew on the job and finished the job. While that company no longer exists, Smith opened a new roofing company called Eagle Roofing and Restoration, and we're hearing the same complaints from homeowners -- thousands of dollars in deposits, but the roofs haven't been installed.

Attorney General Roy Cooper is also looking into similar complaints and now a judge has ordered Eagle Roofing to stop taking any money up front, and to appear in court to explain why the work is not done.

Smith told me today he's in a big mess because he has a cash flow problem, but he says he will do everything he can to make it right. He claims he is not running from his responsibilities, and he will complete the jobs.

Smith is scheduled to be in court on May 5.

If you feel you've been ripped off by Eagle Roofing, contact the attorney general's office to file a complaint.

Click here to find out how to file a complaint.

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