Friend of Morrisville couple heard wife yelling during shooting


The incident happened just before 9 a.m. in the 2000 block of Weaver Forest Way.

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Police said a revolver was found at the scene, and the investigation was ongoing.

In a 911 call also released Tuesday,  a man who was staying with his wife at Melissa and Jonathan Preston's house said he heard 10 shots from what "sounded like a small caliber gun" inside the couple's home.

Caller: We're staying with some friends and they both went upstairs into the master bedroom and I have not gone up there yet, me and my wife are here visiting from Washington state.
911 operator: Okay and you said you heard shots fired in there?
Caller: Yes.

He told the operator that the couple had gone upstairs shortly before he heard the gunshots. He said he did not hear them arguing, but he knew the couple was "having problems."

The caller also said he heard Melissa yelling her husband's name while shots were being fired.

Caller: I did, I did hear her hollering his name.
911 operator: Okay, you did hear her hollering his name?
Caller: Yeah ... when this was happening .
911 operator: And was that just before the shots went off or was that during when the shots went off?
Caller: Nope it was during, it was during.

Melissa and Jonathan Preston were both declared dead at the scene when police arrived. The couple had three children who are now being taken care of by family.

The Prestons were renting the home in the Providence Place neighborhood south of NC Toll 540 and west of Chapel Hill Road.

Next door neighbor Sunil Nigam told ABC11 Monday that he came out to see what happened after hearing police.

"One couple was in the driveway, so I just asked why the police were here, and they said there was some arguments," said Nigam.

Other neighbors said the Prestons had moved here from Seattle - had been here less than a year - and were about to move back to Seattle.

"Very peaceful, very peace loving people.  We meet around. We have a kids carnival in two weeks in time. No, they haven't had any problem at all," said Ashish Tayal.

Tayal said the kids - two boys and a girl - are about middle school age.

"Your heart goes out to the family, to the kids," said Tayal.

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