Gabi's Grounds uses Artsplosure to meet new customers

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- 20-year old Gabi Angelini was one of dozens of vendors lined up along Fayetteville Street Saturday as part of Artsplosure.

"Really good... and we sold a lot of coffee," Gabi said.

This weekend, Angelini is selling Gabi's Grounds under a tent, on a plastic table covering coolers full of ice. Her hope is to eventually have a store of her own in downtown Raleigh permanently.

"To get people with disabilities to get a job from us," said Gabi, who has Down syndrome.

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After she had difficulty finding a job due to her intellectual disability, Gabi partnered with Larry's Coffee, a Raleigh-based manufacturer, to create Gabi's Grounds.

"They're happy with what she's doing and that she's a strong person that wants to help her friends get jobs too so they don't have to go through what she went through," Mary Angelini, Gabi's mother, explained.

Currently, Angelini is selling her products online and in Lowes Foods stores in the Triangle. This weekend's event gave her an opportunity to meet with customers face-to-face.

"The crowds are so accepting of her, and they love her and they want to support this business," said Mary Angelini.

Gabi set up a GoFundMe in December with the goal of raising enough money to eventually open up her own coffee shop.

So far, she has raised more than $51,000 and has set a goal of $60,000.

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