How do you manage social distancing? Ask an astronaut

Take it from a person who has spent nearly a year floating in isolation. Social distancing in the coronavirus era is manageable.

Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is famed for spending 11 months on board the International Space Station with only one other person, spoke to ABC's "Good Morning America" on Monday about the rigors of isolation.

As more and more states have ordered residents to "flatten the curve" and remain inside, Kelly offered some suggestions for people to get by their days and nights indoors, especially with a worst case outlook of at least two months.

"Having a schedule is critical to getting through this," Kelly said, adding that being a creature of habit can work. "You need to schedule work, rest, taking care of your environment."

While there is some caution, he advised people to take time to go outside.

Kelly lived on the ISS from March 2015 until the following March.


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