Expert tips for cars in extreme heat

Extreme temperatures are hot on everything from people and pets to cars making this July heatwave a good time to get some expert tips on how to keep your car safe this summer.

The experts at Atlantic Tire and Service in Cary are planning a Ladies Car Care Clinic on Wed., July 27 from 6PM-8PM to help educate women about car basics in the summer.

"Especially in the heat we have now, we are making sure we teach them about warning lights and how to maintain the fluid levels," explained Atlantic Tire & Auto Manager, Tim McCowan.

"The check engine light is important you can have a problem with your emissions system that needs to be checked out, tire lights are important too," said McCowan.

He points out maintaining proper tire pressure is very important in hot or cold temperatures because the air density affects tire pressure. McCowan says it is best to check the pressure in the morning when temperatures are cooler.

"You want to open the door placard and the pressure information will be there," McCowan said.

Correct tire pressure ensures even tire wear and better fuel mileage according to McCowan. He also says topping off fluids can prevent overheating and keep A/C running smoothly.

The Ladies Car Care Clinic suggests a $10 donation with all proceeds to benefit Interact of Wake County.

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