VIDEO: Baby goes viral for her luxurious head of hair

She was born with it, baby.

At just six months old, this infant from Japan is mesmerizing Instagram with her #hairgoals --- her thick, gorgeous, voluminous and yes...full head of hair.

Her Instagram account is called "Baby Chanco." It's her mom's ode to her little girl's amazing coif.

The account is called "hair diary" -- documenting the little cutie's hair milestones.

Photos show the accessories (a bow's dream) to the way it shines and sways in the wind.

Right now, she has 120,000 followers, which is growing at the rate of her hair.

The baby gets haircuts, which her mom calls "thinning out" to lighten it up a bit.

One of the most liked photos shows baby Chanco in a baby carrier, but all you can see is her hair!
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