Abandoned baby moose becomes fast friends with family dog

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018
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The moose was eventually taken to Maine Wildlife Park by a biologist.

An abandoned baby moose became fast friends with a family dog and was able to find a new home thanks to the family's help.

On early Saturday morning, Shannon Lugdon and her family found the baby moose calling out for her mother in Maine. After some time, the family led the moose to a nearby brook to keep it away from the road.

Lugdon wanted to help the moose, but was advised by Maine Wardens Adrian and Nick to not get near the baby animal for 24 hours in case her mother came back, according to Lugdon's Facebook post.

The next day, Lugdon took her dog, Leo, out and to her surprise, Leo and the moose became "fast friends." She fed the moose, who they named Miss Maggie, a "grass, clover, water milkshake."

After meeting Leo, Miss Maggie followed around Lugdon and her family all day. She said the moose was very affectionate, getting close and cuddling up to her family.

Miss Maggie spent the day with Lugdon's family while the wardens arranged for a biologist to pick up the baby moose. She was eventually taken to Maine Wildlife Park in Grey.