Parents and students reflect as first week of school is in the books

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Saturday, September 2, 2023
Parents and students reflect as first week of school is in the books
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All in all, a smooth start to the school year, most parents say, but school violence remains a concern for some.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Kelly Raney is a mom of three elementary school students.

"I have a fourth grader, a third grader, and a kindergartner," she said.

Raney reflected on the first week back to school with three young children in school at the same time.

"So I hadn't really had a kindergartner until my fourth-grader, which was four or five years ago. Then it's like, OK, so how is this going to start up again? What's this going to look like? What's this going to look like entering Chromebooks into the classroom that my kindergartner might not be as familiar with, " Raney said.

But quickly this week, she was once again in unfamiliar territory. Raney had to discuss with her children who play soccer with students from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District about school lockdowns after the UNC shooting on Monday.

"We had soccer practice afterward. So, they definitely asked a lot of questions. It's definitely different that we're seeing in this younger generation. And is going to be experiencing how to practice for the things that I never did," Raney said.

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School violence was one of the concerns of another mom, Diana Ray.

"I always have a small fear of school violence, but I think Wake County does a great job of mitigating that," Ray said. "They have security measures in place. And, I felt comfortable with my daughter going back."

Her daughter Penelope Ray was glad to go back.

"It's really fun when you, like, start the school year going," Penelope said.

She already has high expectations and is looking forward to learning science this school year.

The Joseph family is also celebrating a successful start to the school year. Their daughter Osose Joseph started fifth grade.

"It was very exciting. I really liked it because I got to be in the same class with my best friend," Osose said.

Her father, Emmanuel Joseph, shared in the positivity.

"I must be frank. It's been really good. It was smooth sailing," he said. "Everything has been working as expected."