Back to school: Are outlet stores worth it?

What's the big difference between regular retail items and outlet? We went shopping to check a couple of items out.

School uniforms and jeans are on our back to school list, so we picked up some of those basics at the regular retail Gap and Gymboree.

We picked up a pair of the same style of girls jeans at the Gap and the Gap Outlet. We found no difference in quality or feel, but there was a difference in the price.

The regular Gap jeans were on sale for $25, but Gap Outlet's jeans sold for $16.49.

At Gymboree and Gymboree Outlet, we picked up a polo shirt and khaki shorts.

We noticed a slight difference in the quality of the fabric. The regular Gymboree clothing had weight to it and the outlet items didn't feel as durable.

The outlet price for both items was $24.65, the regular store price was $32.46.

It's those savings that have shoppers coming back.

"It's great...I come up here every time I go back to school because the sales are great, try to save money as a college student and it is the best way to do it," said shopper Brian Susan.