Durham's backyard bandits caught on camera

DURHAM (WTVD) -- Durham Police are searching for a pair of backyard bandits who popped up on a surveillance camera stealing hundreds of dollars' worth of lawn equipment.

The two men were caught on camera Wednesday around noon.

"They may not have chosen this home if they just looked and saw the cameras," said homeowner Bryon Reid.

In the video, one man is seen casually strolling up to the front door and ringing the bell. He sways from side-to-side, while smoking a cigarette, waiting to see if anyone answers.

While one thief is in the front, another makes his way to the back. That man takes his shirt and wraps it around his hand, so he doesn't leave fingerprints on the door. Neither man bothered to look up to see if there were security cameras.

"It's obvious," said Reid. "You have to be completely oblivious."

The men, thinking the house was empty, walked over to the shed and broke in. Reid didn't have a camera installed in the shed, but he did have an alarm and it started going off.

The men got away with a leaf blower, a weed eater, and a hedge trimmer. In all, they stole about $600 worth of tools.

"I'm not glad they chose my home, but I am glad because now we have video," said Reid.

Reid knows he'll probably never see those items again. For him, it's about getting justice.

"I want these guys caught," said Reid. "I work hard for my things. For someone to decide they just want to wake up and do nothing and come here and take it, it makes me angry."

Reid was robbed about three years ago, when his front door was kicked in. Annoyed, he decided to upgrade his security system by spending thousands of dollars on new equipment. That investment may pay off.

Durham Police are investigating the break-in. Anyone who recognizes the men in the video are being urged to call the department at (919) 560-4600.

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