'Crazy' badger terrorizes guests at luxury hotel

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Monday, March 9, 2015

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- A "crazy" badger wreaked havoc and terrified guests at a luxury hotel in Stockholm when it blocked the entrance, trapping guests inside.

The angry badger stormed the front steps of the Radisson Blu Waterfront around 5am Sunday and started charging at the glass doors. Guests watched from inside too afraid to venture out.

Surveillance video captured the whole ordeal as the badger continued to scurry back and forth.

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Eventually the police were called who then issued a public statement saying, "A crazy or stressed-out badger is preventing the staff and clients at a major hotel from leaving their cars and from picking up their bags."

When the police arrived, they called in backup from local wildlife services. The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports the ensuing standoff lasted 40 minutes. The badger then left before someone arrived to trap it.

A police spokesperson told The Independent that the badger may have been upset after it was woken up from hibernation and was hunting for food.