Bagel Store's rainbow bagels creating quite the buzz

NEW YORK -- The Bagel Store on Bedford Avenue in New York may look like any other bagel shop, but if you look around, there are some odd offerings.

There are colorful cream cheese options, and a bagel that is actually made with bacon, egg and cheese. However, the bagel that causes the most buzz is the rainbow bagel.

Scott Rossillo is the Bagel Store's creative director, and much like a creative director at a fashion company, Rossillo deals in color.

"It's not just the visual - it looks great, but it's also when you're eating it that it has different flavors. It's kind of matching, and it changes your whole emotion for the day for the better," he says.

Rossillo has been selling his rainbow bagels for 15 years, but after a recent social media post by a friend of the Kardashians, the rainbow bagels are turning up a pot of gold.

Rossillo has made orange and blue bagels for the Mets, pink for breast cancer awareness as well as custom bagels. So where does he get his inspiration?

"I have a lot of kids, so there's always Playdoh," says Rossillo.

For the taste, there is a bit of chemistry involved. The rainbow bagels taste a little like Fruit Loops, and they go well with funfetti cream cheese.

The rainbow bagels do cost more - with funfetti cream cheese, you'll pay $6.98 - consider it a special occasion treat. The store sells out every day, so if you're in New York and want a rainbow bagel, call the day before, and place an order.

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