North Carolina woman's baking hobby turns into sweet dream

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Angie Tucker and Christin Kubasko are making about 100 dozen cookies this week. Not because it's Easter, it's just how many cookies they make every week.

Several years ago, Kubasko brought some homemade sugar cookies to Tucker's son's birthday party. Tucker said, "I can't believe you made this! This is incredible!"

The sugar cookies were a fun creative outlet for Kubasko.

A few weeks later, a friend asked her to make 200 for a wedding, so she asked Tucker to help her.

Tucker said she didn't know how to bake, but she did just what Kubasko told her and said they had the best time.

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The more word spread of their cookie prowess, the more people started ordering cookies.

The pair started baking cookies out of Tucker's state licensed home kitchen.

"We were school counselors by day, bakers by night," Tucker said.

Quickly, their 10 dozen a week orders turned into 40 dozen a week. They got an opportunity to get a commercial kitchen, but that would mean this cookie hobby, was getting serious.

Tucker said, "We can't tell our students, 'go and live your dreams pursue your passions' and then sit behind our desks and think about what this could be and not go after it ourselves."

So, they took the leap, kept it simple, and the Southern Sugar Bakery was born.

"There's not really a secret, we use very simple ingredients," Kubasko said. "No preservatives, we try to use organic, all natural ingredients that are locally sourced. Not having a lot of stuff in a cookie is what makes it taste so good."

Southern Sugar Bakery now has six part-time employees.

They make sea salt chocolate chip cookies, cookie cakes, and sugar cookies for every occasion imaginable.

"When I started making these cookies it was really just a hobby," Kubasko said. "It was really nothing I ever thought I would do full time. It was really nothing I thought I would do part-time."

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