With a 'servant's heart:' Baptist mission restores homes, smiles for Matthew victims

LUMBERTON, NC (WTVD) -- Nearly two years after Hurricane Matthew, many are still rebuilding. The North Carolina Baptists on a Mission are using their dedication to God to breathe life back into severely damaged communities.

"Lot of people think FEMA fixes the whole house but they don't," said NC Baptist Men team leader Billy Layton. "They don't give funding for essentials. The Good Book tells us to help one another. Majority of the volunteers have a servant's heart."

For the past year and a half, volunteers with the NC Baptists Mission have worked tirelessly to lend a helping hand to rejuvenate communities hit hardest by the storm. On Tuesday, they installed wood flooring in a two-bedroom home.

"The water had got up underneath the floor joints. When you get water like that it causes mold," said Hugh Motsinger, a volunteer with the NC Baptist Men.

The mission has allowed for the nonprofit to serve dozens. Mission leaders said on any given day between 20 to 80 volunteers show up to help out. Their work has breathed life and love back into homes like Doris McNeill's.

"It was just like a brand new house. It was a dream house," McNeill said.

Organizers said the materials used for each home total about $25,000. It's money that's been donated directly to the nonprofit. Those who volunteer say it allows those who lost everything to again live in the comfort of their homes.

"When you see a grown man cry from joy or a widow lady that had no help or hope, it makes it all worth it," Layton said.
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