Woman on journey to Costco in every state

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Woman stops in Houston on quest to visit Costco in every state
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Barbara Pope says she loves Costco so much, she'll visit them in every state.

HOUSTON -- She's crazy over Costco, and Barbara Pope says she has the miles to prove it.

This woman loves Costco Warehouses so much, she decided to jump in her Honda Odyssey minivan to take a cross-country tour of at least one Costco in every state.

The California woman calls her blog "My Costco Odyssey".

She says she loves Costco so much for big savings on products and items you can buy in bulk.

She says while most Costco's structures and layouts are similar at stores all over the country, each warehouse has unique items.

When her journey comes to end later this week, Pope will have visited more than 75 Costcos in almost every state since taking off in September.

Her biggest money-saving tip for shopping at Costco is to download the app. Pope says there are money saving coupons, travel and photo deals all in one place.