Zagat users rank the best burgers around the US

Do the best burgers have the freshest patties? Or the most savory condiments? Gourmet buns? How about all of the above?

Zagat surveyed its users to determine the best burger in several major American cities to determine the "Best Burgers in the USA." Each burger was graded in three categories: flavor, ingredients and value.

Along the way they gathered information about everything from the prices users are willing to pay for burgers to the "trendiest" buns. Here are highlights of their findings:

  • Half of users said they would not pay more than $15 for a burger...unless it was mind-blowing.

  • Folks in their 20s are less likely to reach for the Heinz and more open to trying new ketchup brands. Older users, not so much.

  • The trendiest bread this year is the pretzel bun, with 64% of respondents saying they've already tried it or would want to.

  • Pre-ground meat is a big no-no. A whopping 84% said it is "very important" that the meat is ground in-house.

  • "How would you like that cooked?" 43% say medium rare, the most popular answer.

  • Burger with a side of local: More than 85% of burgers that made a city's top 10 list were independently owned.

Which burgers fit this bill? See top burgers in some of the major cities in the gallery above.

When it was all said and done, Zagat made videos to demonstrate the "making of" many of these burgers, like this one for Nick's Bacon Burger in Philadelphia.

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So what does making the "best burger" look like? Zagat put together all the footage for a visually enticing answer to that. We dare you to watch without drooling:

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