These are the 10 best large U.S. cities to live in

If you ever find yourself complaining about the traffic in your city or lamenting that there is nothing fun to do, it might be time to move to one of these cities.

WalletHub released its 2015 list of the best and worst large cities to live in around the United States. Only U.S. cities with a population of more than 300,000 were included, 62 in all.

To determine its list, WalletHub considered four factors: livability, education, health, and local economy.

"Livability" included things like recreation options, diversity of population and traffic. Omaha, Neb. received top marks for recreation options, along with Tampa, Fla. and Minneapolis, Minn. New York City was designated as the worst place to be a driver, followed by Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, Pa.

WalletHub also looked at the school systems, education rate, obesity rate and household income (adjusted by cost of living), among other factors.

Scroll through the gallery to see the cities that topped the list, and visit WalletHub's site to see where other cities fell.
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