Start booking holiday air travel now for best deals, AAA says

Monday, September 23, 2019
Now's the time to book holiday travel
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Now's the time to book holiday travel

If you're planning to travel by air, now is the time to book flights for the holiday season.

The ideal time to buy air travel for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's is as early as Sept. 25 through Oct. 25, according to AAA.

Experts said you need to move fast because most of the good deals will be over by Halloween and flights will start filling up as air travelers rush to make reservations.

Being flexible with travel dates can increase your chance of getting the best price.

For Thanksgiving, AAA suggested flying on Monday for an early arrival or on Thanksgiving Day.

Also, flights on Christmas or Christmas Eve are traditionally the cheapest.

Travelers who fly on Christmas Eve enjoy the lightest travel day of the year with the lowest average ticket prices.

The airport you use can also make a difference on how much you send on your ticket.

Travel experts say to look into different options before you book your flight.