Bill Clinton in Raleigh to stump for Hillary

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) -- Former President Bill Clinton was in Raleigh Monday morning to campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at an 'Early Vote' organizing event.

He urged North Carolinians to vote early now through March 12th - ahead of the March 15th primary.

In the race for the Democratic nomination, Clinton has at least 1,130 delegates to Bernie Sanders' 499, including superdelegates - members of Congress, governors and party officials who can support the candidate of their choice. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the nomination.


Bill Clinton told supporters Monday that Hillary the best candidate to fight for American families, especially in underserved communities, in her commitment to raise incomes and create shared prosperity for all.

Clinton said he believes President Obama has not gotten the credit he deserves and that America is in a great place economically. So why is there so much anger at Washington? Clinton said it's because many have been left out as the economy has bounced back and they blame Obama and Congress.

"So why is it such a wacky election? Because millions and millions of people look at that pretty picture of America he painted and they cannot find themselves in it to save their lives. That explains everything. It explains a lot of the intensity in our party and what looks to the outside observer like a grade school playground fight in the other debates, in the other party.

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Former President Bill Clinton

Clinton also weighed in on the current vacancy on the US Supreme Court, saying it's another reason why the president election is so important.

"This whole thing starts with the Supreme Court appointment. The president should make it. And what all of you need to think about is even in the best of all worlds - he nominates someone and the senate somehow decides to do its job and approves the person there's still a fifty percent chance that the next president will have one or two more appointments. We cannot have an America where we all rise if you have a Republican in the White House, a Republican Congress, and a Republican Supreme Court.

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Former President Bill Clinton

Ahead of President Clinton's appearance, the Republican National Committee issued a statement.

"Fresh off a week chock-full of damaging developments in her email scandal, Hillary Clinton's campaign is now sending in Bill Clinton to push false talking points to North Carolina voters," RNC Spokeswoman Kara Carter said. "What her campaign forgets is that North Carolinians have already rejected Clinton and her husband three times before. No amount of spin will change the fact that voters don't trust Hillary Clinton."

In December, the former president hosted a fundraising event at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham on behalf of his wife. The $500 a person minimum event was private.

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