Wake Forest coffee shop gets 'cash mobbed' by shoppers ahead of holidays

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- Black and White Coffee Roasters got cash mobbed and were able to brew up some more business.

"It's a way to get a concentrated group of people in one place at one time and spend their cash in small businesses," said Leslie Lee, cash mob creator.

Lee recently moved to Wake Forest from Southern California. She brought the cash mob concept with her, encouraging people to spend $20 at a local business.

"Almost every shop that we did said it was their biggest numbers ever," Lee said.

Now it's giving this local business a bit of a jump start, especially during a pandemic.


"Just bringing folks in the community to spend money in these local cafes and shops in downtown Wake Forest recirculates that money back into the community," said Lem Butler, Black and White Coffee Roasters co-owner.

A cup of coffee and making a difference for businesses that make our communities special.

"Twenty bucks or 10 bucks even for people coming out to support us...it's great," Butler said.

The cash mob isn't done yet. They plan to visit another business in March.
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