San Jose's HERO Tent fuels Black Lives Matter protesters and human rights activists

SAN JOSE -- Following the death of George Floyd, 22-year-old Kiana Simmons attended the first protest staged in San Jose. Protests can be long with demonstrations lasting hours.

Now a San Jose nonprofit named HERO Tent aims to help those risking their lives to end systemic racism.

HERO stands for Human, Empowerment, Radical Optimism. The nonprofit organization strives to guarantee that all protesters and the surrounding community are provided with proper sustenance to continue their efforts for equality and social justice.

"We've fed and given water to thousands of people at this point," HERO Tent Board Secretary Jesilyn Faust shares. "We have over 70 volunteers out here helping us." While Simmon's supply and volunteer resources grow, so do her future plans for HERO Tent.

"I'd like to see it transform to different movements," Simmons explains. "What we offer can translate to any movement and we want to help the people of that movement get what they need while still being able to protest."