Fayetteville cuts power to mobile home residents over safety concerns

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- Bonnie Doone's Mobile Manor is in the dark. The City of Fayetteville cut power to nearly 37 residents after several warnings to the property owner to fix what city leaders described as significant safety issues regarding the subdivision's electricity pad.

Residents told ABC11 they only got a 16-hour advance notice about the disconnection. The letter listed 13 separate hazards regarding the mobile home park's electricity grid.

In a news conference held at city hall, leaders said they warned the property owner, Kelly Monsour, on three separate occasions about the looming disconnection as a result of the hazardous living conditions.

Leaders said Monsour never fixed the problem or notified her residents as requested.

ABC11 attempted to contact Monsour for comment, but she wasn't available at the office. On her property, residents were livid.

"If it's 90 degrees out here, it's a 100 degrees in those trailers," said Army veteran Dewey McLamb.

For D.C. transplant Marquel Hill, the conditions here are unlike anything he's ever seen. The dumpster is overflowing with trash and the neighborhood roads are unpaved.

"I've never lived in a hood or ghetto with a dumpster that looks like that. It's just a disgrace to the people here," said Hill.

With his inspector certification at risk, Assistant Director of Development Services Michael Martin said cutting power was a safety decision, not a punitive one.

"We are concerned that if no action is taken there could be a needless death of a resident. I have seen that all too often in my previous role as fire marshal," Martin said.

The City said it hopes to get the lights on within a week. Leaders said they've been talking with electricians to see what can be done temporarily.

Long term, the landlord will have to bring the property up to code.

Meanwhile the Salvation Army is helping residents find resources and shelter. The Second Harvest Food Bank has also stepped in to assist the families in Mobile Manor.
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