Brunswick County mother furious after son receives flu shot without permission

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Brunswick County mother is furious after she says her son got a flu shot at school without her permission.

Kayla Amerson's son Braxton goes to Supply Elementary School north of Shallotte. She says the county health department went to the school to give students the flu vaccine, but she knew nothing about it until she picked her son up from school.

"When my son got in the car, he was like, 'Mommy, I got a flu shot,'" Amerson said. "I turned around and went to the school. I talked to the principal and the school nurse. I come to find out they had my son mixed up with another child that wasn't even in his class. Same grade, but different class."

The school district says the students were supposed to get permission before being allowed to get a shot. A form was sent home with the students, but Amerson did not give permission. She says she has reached out to the board of education and the health department. She just wants to make sure this never happens to another child.

"If I want to get my child a flu shot, I will go to my child's pediatrician," she said. "That's just my opinion," Amerson said.

School officials say from now on students will have permission slips with them before they can get the flu vaccine. Students will also be required to wear ID badges with them to the flu clinic.
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