Buckwheat Farm promotes social distancing, cleanliness ahead of strawberry picking season

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- Strawberry picking season is just about three weeks away and at Buckwheat Farm in Apex they're taking all precautionary actions to make sure people feel safe and comfortable leaving their houses to come pick strawberries.

Karma Lee, the owner of Buckwheat Farm, has been in the business for more than 20 years and has gotten used to uncontrollable situations.

"Farmers are kind of resilient people we always have to deal with something," she said. "A hurricane, a frost event, rainy weather or whatever. This is just another thing that farmers are going to have to deal with."

Buckwheat Farm is a pick your own strawberry field spanning across three acres and they're hoping to use all of that space to help with social distancing

"All the rows are about five feet apart, the way the fields are currently set up, so we may ask customers to pick on every other row that day," Lee said. "That would put families 10-feet apart. Just another way to social distance people."

The farm is also setting up multiple checkout lines and handwashing stations to encourage people to get outside

"I feel better when I'm out in the wide-open air," Lee added. "I think it will help other people too especially with school being out right now parents can bring their kids. Farms are open Monday through Friday as well as the weekends. As long as we've got red berries out in the field to pick we will be open."

The farm is also offering curbside pickup if you don't feel comfortable coming out here and picking strawberries yourself.
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