Sanford woman says she's 'terrified' after home burglary

ByKaylee Merchak via WTVD logo
Sunday, September 10, 2017
Sanford woman says she's terrified after home burglary
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A Sanford couple is speaking out after two men burglarized their home.

SANFORD (WTVD) -- A Sanford couple is speaking out after they say two men burglarized their home.

According to the couple, two men broke into their home on Bracken Street Friday morning.

Kennedy Savage said their home has an alarm system but it was fried during a recent storm.

The company was supposed to come fix the alarm Friday evening, but Savage said it was too late.

The men had broken the glass on their kitchen door and let themselves in, stealing several items including two pistols, her grandmother's necklace, and some gaming controllers.

The couple said the men broke in through the kitchen door
Credit: Marcus Tyndall - Savage's boyfriend

After the incident, Savage said she received an alert on her phone saying that the burglary was caught on her home security camera.

Savage said footage shows the men ringing the doorbell, leaving, and then coming back later to finish the job.

Warning, this video contains graphic language.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Savage said thieves came back Saturday morning when she was home but this time, they broke into the basement.

"It was awful, I was just so panicked and I was shaking," she said. "If anything, what I'm most upset about is not my items missing, it's what it's done to me psychologically. I've been so paranoid the last day and a half. Anyone who drives down this street is suspicious to me. I'm scared to sleep at night."

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However, Savage believes this time it wasn't the thieves but their friends.

"We think it's somebody else, one of his friends maybe. He might have told him about the stuff we have in our home and it looks like somebody else tried to come back."

And it's not the expensive electronics that have Savage upset, it's one particular item that was taken.

"They stole a blanket my boyfriend's aunt knit for him," Savage said. "That's very upsetting. He could have easily went and stole a sheet that I don't care about but a homemade blanket from a family member is something that you hold close to you."

The suspects are described as two black males. Even though their descriptions are vague, Savage said they have something else.

"He bled in the house, we have a DNA sample."

But that's not all. In the video, one of the men said, "I wish we had gloves."

Once the couple heard that they had the detective dust for prints, but she isn't expecting much more from authorities.

"I know the police are doing what they can and the detective is doing what they can, but they told me it isn't really a high priority because it's a break-in, not a murder, but I'm scared it's going to turn into one."

This whole incident has the couple distraught and Savage said she wants to move unless the neighborhood "cleans up."

"My house doesn't even feel like a home right now. That's an awful feeling to sit inside your own home and have it feel alien to you."

The couple is offering a $750 reward for an arrest in their case.

ABC11 has reached out to the Sanford Police Department but they have yet to comment.