The new Charter Square high rise building is open for business and we are taking you inside for the first time to a new shared work space 'Industrious'

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Charter Square is open for business
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Visit the new shared work space called Industrious

Raleigh is the 8th location for Industrious. Part of the space is for national companies that need a satellite office. Pinterest is out of the Chicago location so other brands you might recognize could pop up here in the downtown Raleigh office.

Rebecca Williamson and her husband Brian love their new office overlooking downtown Raleigh. Their new headquarters of She says they like the location, the edgy atmosphere. is a search engine for ground transportation, like is for hotel rooms. They launched the business in 2003 and since then, they've worked in every kind of office setting you can imagine.

"We had a call center for a while so we've been in a large office space, then we scaled down and outsourced our call center and we were in another co working location. We were even working from home for a while."

Last year they did $10 million in airport shuttle rides and decided they needed a corporate office.

That's when they found Industrious.

And they're not alone. Valerie Jaffee manages the Raleigh office of Industrious. The co working space in the new charter square building in downtown Raleigh. She says, "We've seen a huge influx of companies, a ton of demand here in the Triangle. For shared work spaces, for small businesses startups and freelancers as well as satellite offices for national companies."

Industrious prides itself in feeling more like a resort than a corporate office.

Jaffee says, "They get breakfast every day, they have a friendly face to greet them. They can network with other companies, they get free printing, free conference room use."

They can also do a month to month lease. An office can fit 1 person, or 9, and even team rooms that can fit up to 25 people.

Industrious wants to attract businesses that can stay and grow, and that's a perfect fit for

Williamson says, "It's kind of nice that we're a 2 man operation now but next month we might be a 6 man operation so we can just move next door."

Only about 60% of the space is leased but that could soon change.

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