Health care offers more jobs this month in Raleigh, but internet tech rates higher among employees

Considering a career move, or just want to stay informed about how national industry trends--like technology supplanting traditional labor roles--are playing out in Raleigh?

Locally, services industries like health care and retail are looking for large numbers of new workers in Raleigh, among the top five in total jobs posted this month on jobs site Glassdoor. One high-tech industry also made the list: computer software is among the top five currently seeking the most workers.

However, the situation changes when considering which industries offer the best places to work. Manufacturing and services industries all fell below the top five, when looking at overall ratings for companies hiring in Raleigh last month. In contrast, tech industries are performing well based on employee satisfaction: among employers hiring this month in the city, those in internet tech and computer software have some of the highest overall ratings.

If you're a registered nurse, you're seeing considerable demand for your skills in Raleigh. Registered nurses represented the category with the most new job listings last month, with clinical nurses, general dentists, software engineers, and project managers filling out the top five most job openings by occupation.

Many current industry trends in the city reflect patterns at the national level; one is unique to the area. Of the five industries seeking the most workers in Raleigh last month, health care, recruiting, computer software, and retail were in the top five nationwide; education ranked fourth in Raleigh but ninth across the U.S.

Differences in how employees rate their employers across industries in Raleigh are similar to patterns seen across the country as well. Companies with the highest employee ratings in the U.S. appear in internet tech, accounting and law, real estate, computer software, and recruiting. Companies in three of those industries--internet tech, accounting and law, and computer software--are also rated highest among those recruiting this month in Raleigh.

Among highly rated companies with new job listings last month, employees gave Raleigh-based educational institutions an average overall rating of 4.12 out of five stars in the city; local internet companies earn an average rating of 4.07 stars. That's compared to an average rating of 3.5 stars for companies in hospitals and health care companies, or 3.52 stars for recruiting companies, the industry with the second most current job openings in the area.

Interested in scoring a new position in an industry with lots of opportunities or stellar employee satisfaction ratings? Companies in the following industries are looking for workers with a variety of skills.

Hospitals and health care companies like UNC Health Care, WakeMed Health and Hospitals, and CVS Health are looking for large numbers of clinical nurses, general dentists, and retail representatives. Internet companies like UrbanSitter, Google, and Mommy Jobs Online are currently hiring program managers, web engineers, and service managers.

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