SnoHub, an app to get snow removed from your driveway, arrives in the Triangle

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The next time it snows in central North Carolina, there's a new on-demand snow-removal app, SnoHub that has expanded to the Raleigh-Durham market that can help customers clear driveways and contractors cash in.

"It's an Uber-like platform to connect homeowners with contractors," SnoHub CEO James Albis explained.

"When it came to snow removal, at least where we launched the business in the northeast, it's very challenging for getting the work done. Here, in the Raleigh-Durham area, you guys don't get that much snow that frequently, but when it does happen you need some help. So, we thought we'd come down here and help you guys out by launching the mobile app in the Raleigh-Durham area," Albis said.

The app is free to download on iTunes Apple Store and Google Play and pricing starts at $40 for up to 6 inches of snow. Pricing is calculated by an algorithm that uses location, driveway length, and snow depth.

"Up to a 6-inch snow storm, people can pay no more than 40 bucks to get their driveway shoveled or walkway cleared," Albis said. "Everything else is a la carte; a walkway shoveled is an extra 10 bucks or sidewalk is an extra 10 bucks."

Quoted prices are shown to customers before booking and payments are made through the app. SnoHub is looking to partner with 500 contractors in the Raleigh-Durham area to provide the services.

"Contractors can make anywhere from 200 bucks up to a thousand dollars depending on how many jobs they do," Albis added. "So, it's great money. It's convenient and the money is in their bank account in three days.

"It's great for anyone," he added. "College kids, we have police officers, firefighters, military vets, anyone can go out there and make a couple thousand dollars this winter."

SnoHub is available in 20 states and 32 markets including Calgary, Canada. More than 12,000 homeowners and 1,500 contractors have downloaded the app.
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