PWC customers bring frustrations to Fayetteville city council

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- PWC customers are demanding answers from Fayetteville city leaders after their utility bills doubled and in some cases tripled.

According to PWC, usage among the company's 80,000 customers was up 24 percent in January, costing the company $3 million.

On Monday night, Fayetteville residents attended the council meeting in full force. Many left feeling as though they had more questions than answers.

One by one, customers walked to the podium to voice their frustrations with the Fayetteville Public Works Commission. Their main concern was high utility bills that a lot of them said they cannot afford to pay.

Weeks ago, PWC responded that the blistering cold temperatures and snow in January was to blame. Still, residents demanded an audit right away.

"I'm not talking about a financial audit. I'm talking about a group of specialists that come in look at billing practices, meeting practices, interval polling data. All the things that need to be looked at to determine whether or not the billing is accurate," said PWC customer Clarence Briggs.

"Being that PWC isn't regulated, who does PWC answer to as a whole?" asked PWC customer Elizabeth Stiff.

Another customer said, "Bills that double or triple and you have to make a decision whether you will pay your rent or put food in the house."

Once the city council meeting ended, PWC's program officer, Mark Brown, attempted to address many of the concerns residents had, but he was met with grumbles from the crowd.
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