Raleigh spa creates unique experience with salt cave

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Tucked away in a back room at Skin Sense Day Spa is a place of zen and relaxation.

It's a one of a kind salt cave. From the walls to the floor, the room is covered in more than 14 tons of Himalayan salt.

"For me the salt and the cave and the color and the lighting and the music that they have going it's just an opportunity for complete stress relief," said customer Rebecca Cooley.

Sitting in a salt cave isn't a new idea though. It's a practice that dates back hundreds of years.

"Emperors and the elite of Europe and Poland often visited salt mines to help with respiratory conditions, skin conditions, asthma, allergies and other ailments that they had," said Judie Mapoma with Skin Sense Day Spa.

And for Cooley, it's improved her quality of life.

"I experience it as more as a calming time for just quiet and where else can you get this much quiet, non-interrupted," Cooley said.

Cooley is a life coach. She said not only does she use the cave for stress relief but she often recommends it to her clients in need of some self-care.

"If they're looking for some ideas or tips I will definitely say, have you tried the salt cave? Do you know about the salt cave?'" Cooley said.

Like stepping into another world, the salt cave will transport you to a place of rest and relaxation in 2019.

To sit in the salt cave, you'll need to make an appointment. You can book a 45-minute appointment online here or call the spa at (919) 870-0700.
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