To-go materials and other products 'scarce' a week into Phase 2

A week into Phase 2, there's another hurdle for struggling restaurateurs and other small business owners: Product shortages at the wholesale level.

Take-out materials are becoming scarce with so many places offering curbside and takeout options in their fight to survive.

"I couldn't find tops for two weeks just to cover the food," said Vic's Italian Restaurant Owner Mario Longo.

He says pre-packaged cutlery is also a problem.

Longo can't even find the main staple he uses in his Italian cuisine: pasta.

"My supplier didn't have spaghetti and he didn't have linguine, so I couldn't order any spaghetti or linguine," Longo said.

Beef prices are also shooting up.

"$5 a pound and we're still selling it at the same price that we normally do."

It's all adding to the stress of being closed for weeks, watching bills pile up, and then reopening for Phase 2.

"Things are more expensive and harder to find," said Longo.

Bakeries, such as Annelore's and La Farm, also say it has been difficult sourcing flour or yeast.

Annelore's German Bakery Owner Nobert Gstattenbauer says he's switching up recipes to bake bread and other treats.

Small businesses are hoping the supply chain levels out soon. Until then, they'll just keep searching to continue serving.

They are grateful for the orders coming in and the customers offering support even if not as many people are allowed to come in at a time.

"We're only at 25 percent which you can see if probably about 10 tables in my restaurant, but every little bit helps," said Longo.
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