Troubleshooter: Fayetteville business owner who didn't complete job gives answers

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- It's been eight months since Marian Jackson paid to have her car shipped to her home in Las Vegas, and she is still waiting.

She said she is beyond frustrated because the company she paid to do the job has given her nothing but excuses.

"I need my car because I have to have the car to go to work and everything," she said.

In October, Marian paid VPC of Fayetteville $950 to ship her car from Fayetteville to Las Vegas.

Over the years VPC of Fayetteville has stored her PT Cruiser for her while she was working overseas as a government contractor.

Marian is now living in Las Vegas and she said she wanted VPC of Fayetteville to stop storing her car and instead ship it to Las Vegas, which is a service the company has claimed to provide, according to their website.

The paperwork the owner of VPC of Fayetteville Terry Johnson provided to Marian showed that there was a company available to pick up her PT Cruiser and deliver it to her in Vegas.

This never happened, and even though Marian said she made repeated attempts to contact Johnson via emails and phone calls, she said she couldn't get an answer as to why her car is still not shipped.

Marian reached out to me, and I tried to get her answers from the owner Terry Johnson.

"At the time she paid for her car to be shipped, we put it out there on central dispatching, it's up to the truckers to pick up the car at a certain amount, it never got picked up, it got delayed, it got delayed," he said.

When I asked him about the emails he sent to Marian that claimed a person named Erick was shipping the vehicle in December he replied, "Erick was the representative you know, the company we were trying to get the car shipped through."

I reached out to Erick, the owner of the company Johnson claimed was going to pick up Marian's PT Cruiser and ship it to Vegas.

He said he did give a quote to Johnson in December to ship Marian's car, but after not hearing back from Johnson, Erick said the quote was canceled and he hasn't heard from him since.

So what about the $950 Marian paid Johnson to ship her car?

"He would get a refund according to how long the car has been storage," said Erick. He now wants to charge her for storage since November since it never shipped.

Marian said this is the first she has heard about that.

She said, "There was nothing discussed in reference to paying storage while my car was sitting there to be shipped, why would I even do that, it's ridiculous."

Despite Johnson saying he would refund Marian her money minus the storage fees, Marian said that still hasn't happened.

As for the PT Cruiser, Marian had a friend in Fayetteville pick up the keys from Johnson, and she removed the car from VPC of Fayetteville.

Marian said she will take this case to court because she doesn't want anyone else to go through what she has been through.
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