6-year-old buddies who met during cancer treatment get wings through 'Pilot for a Day' program

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Houston Pirrung (left) and Jack Kirkbride
Houston Pirrung (left) and Jack Kirkbride
images-Credit: DVIDS/District of Columbia Air National Guard

PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Maryland (WTVD) -- Two 6-year-old boys who met while undergoing treatment for leukemia, earned their pilot's wings - well, at least for the day.

Houston Pirrung and Jack Kirkbride are cancer survivors, going through treatment together at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

During their time in the hospital, the boys quickly became friends, being deemed as "battle buddies."

Well, these battle buddies took their friendship out of the hospital and into the sky.

Because of their determination and "remarkable brotherhood," on Friday, they earned their wings through the "Pilot for a Day" program - a program that lifts up and teaches those battling chronic illnesses about being a pilot and planes.

The boys were sworn in, suited up in U.S. Air Force gear, given a tour of the cockpit, and even allowed to use the plane's radio.

Watch a video montage of the battle buddies' day!

The battle buddies - and the crew at Joint Base Andrews - were all smiles

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