Let's Go Canes: Caniacs show incredible support in Canes send off to Toronto

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- They call the PNC Arena the loudest house in the NHL for a reason but the Caniacs took home a new award Sunday, loudest parking lot in the NHL as they send off the Carolina Hurricanes to Toronto.

"I am so excited," said Michele Geraghty. "I am actually literally shaking I'm so excited to be here. I've said no less than like 10 times, I love it here I love this. I love everything about it. We cannot wait to see our guys bring the cup home. We cannot wait."

The Canes posted to Twitter Saturday asking fans to come to the PNC Arena for a send-off party and in less than 24-hours the Caniacs pulled through with more than 1,000 cars lining the arena.

"I think this is amazing we've missed hockey so, so much," Michele said. "To be able to be here and see the guys and send them off is so, so special."

"It just shows all the support in the community that we have for them," said John Geraghty"

"My family and I are huge hockey fans," said Brianna Ealy. "We've been following the Canes since I was born so we just wanted to come out here and support them. I'm just so happy hockey is coming back."

The Canes begin their battle for the Stanley Cup on Saturday. They'll take on the Rangers in a best of 5 qualifying round in Toronto with no fans.

"It's been hard but it kind of like puts things into perspective," Ealy said. "When they come back we definitely won't be taking this for granted anymore."

"We were on a roll when it ended so," said Kaitlyn Alumbaugh. "Roddy said that they were picking it up and doing good in practice so we should be on a roll there too."

Predictions for how far the canes will go are what you'd expect from loyal Caniacs...

"We're going all the way," said Michele. "These guys have what it takes they've been working really hard in spite of everything and we are ready to go."

"We've got the coach," John said. "We've got the leadership, we've got the organization, it's all there."
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