'Pushing a lot of people over the edge': Fayetteville marriage counselor suggests couples are clashing during pandemic because of existing issues

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- The pandemic has people rethinking their relationships. Holy matrimony has turned into a nightmare for some and therapists say it's happening to couples who had issues before the pandemic started.

"The pandemic itself is not doing the overall damage. It's the stress that it causes to the way we cope with life," said New Day Counseling Marriage and Family Therapist Carol Zeleznik.

Restrictive measures aimed to stop the spread of COVID-19 has changed the lives of many all over the globe. According to Zeleznik, the pandemic has stripped every one of the outlets they love and use to get away. This has put added stress on couples.

"Friends, family, activities, exercise, trips, travel. All of those things are not available," said Zeleznik. "A lot of my clients are working full time husband and wife or two spouses who are raising two children. Some of my spouses are going to school full time all at the same time. That's insane. Add a pandemic. It's pushing a lot of people over the edge."

A pandemic parenting study found nearly 40 percent of those surveyed reported increases in pandemic-related frustrations with their partners.

Zeleznik, whose been practicing for more than 25 years says this doesn't surprise her as opposites attract.

Couples having different opinions on how to keep COVID-19 at bay. She says there is room for compromises if you want to stay together. According to Zeleznik, the keys to marital bliss are simple.

"I think couples need to talk," said Zeleznik.

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