Canes fans pile into PNC for Game 2 despite COVID resurgence

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Caniacs packed PNC Arena for Game Two against the New York Rangers Friday night.

Thousands piled in as COVID makes a resurgence in the community.

"I just got over COVID and I've been very lucky not to get it," said Candi Hinson, who is a season ticket holder. "I'm vaccinated and boosted but I still feel safer wearing it than not, I don't want to have COVID again."

On the concourse and in the stands, some Caniacs were wearing masks and others were not.

COVID infections went up more than 40 percent in the area during the past week. It sent Wake County from low to medium risk for transmission.

Masks are optional at PNC Arena.

"It is what it is, if you want to wear one you can," said Rio Montes, a Canes fan from Wilson. "It ain't no big deal. No reason to get into an argument over, it's your choice."

The other factor Friday night was the heat. Some fans braved the nearly 100-degree weather to tailgate before the game.

David Jones set up a fan in his truck to keep him and his friends cool. He also took a mask with him into the game.

"I went to a game in January and got COVID here, so it is on my mind," he said.
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