Armstrong: Panthers' firing of GM is a head-scratcher

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Monday, July 17, 2017
Dave Gettleman won three division titles in four years as GM of the Panthers.
Dave Gettleman won three division titles in four years as GM of the Panthers.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Whatever reasons compelled Panthers owner Jerry Richardson to fire GM Dave Gettleman on Monday, there's simply no way to justify the move.

The collective and informed theory is that Gettleman's gruff treatment of beloved vets - read Steve Smith, De'Angelo Williams and now perhaps Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen - eventually toxified his relationship with Richardson.

If we accept that as true, Gettleman was fired for making cold business decisions aimed at winning in a cold business that values only winning. Is he needlessly cold in his dealings with players? Maybe. Certainly appears that way anyway based on the Twitter reaction of a few former Panthers:

Fact is, that shouldn't matter. Or matter enough to toss him aside anyway.

Gettleman totally overhauled a team buried in salary cap hell, won three division titles in four years, and oh yeah, put a team in that little thing we call the Super Bowl. That he's a bit of a meanie should be an acceptable character wart given his proven competence at the job.

It's Richardson's right as an owner to run his team however he sees fit, so if he wants a happy feel good clubhouse of overpaid, over stayed fan favorites, have at it. If he wants to build a successful, potentially championship caliber team, I'd suggest he just fired one of the few men who's proven himself up to the task.

Training camp begins in a week.