Carolina Tiger Rescue collects donated Christmas trees for cats to play with

PITTSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- Carolina Tiger Rescue collected Christmas trees to give to their cats this holiday season.

As of Monday, December 30, a representative for the rescue said they have reached their capacity for donated trees thanks to support from the community.

Katie Cannon, education director for Carolina Tiger Rescue said the trees provide an opportunity for mental and physical stimulation for their approximately 50 cats.

"These are animals that would travel in the wild," Cannon said. By introducing a new object into their environment, the cats have an opportunity to play and explore. Plus, Cannon said the cats love the scent and texture of Christmas trees.

Keepers also sprayed the trees with perfumes and oils to add additional smell. "Cats are very scent oriented," Cannon said. "The muskier the better." While Cannon said Anthony, one of the leopards at the rescue, loved lemon scent, other cats liked the smell of Calvin Klein Obsession or Axe body spray.

Cannon said keepers also hid meat inside the trees or inside holiday-themed boxes for the cats to find. She added they still have leftover pumpkins from Halloween. "Anything that gets them up and moving," she said.

Cannon estimated Carolina Tiger Rescue would need around 150 trees, or roughly three per animal. The rescue met its goal less than a week after Christmas.

The rescue also collected perfume donations to spray the trees.
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