Car 'vending machine' up and running in Raleigh

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Car 'vending machine' up and running in Raleigh
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Car 'vending machine' up and running in Raleigh

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Drivers who use Raleigh's Beltline will recognize the unusual car showroom on Navaho Drive. It's where Carvana customers can now pick up the rides they've purchased earlier, online.

Carvana co-founder Ryan Keeton calls it a vending machine, and ABC11 cameras rolled during our behind the scenes access to the machine's inner workings Wednesday morning.

The cars are delivered from other locations to the Raleigh vending machine. When the car owners arrive they check in, sign their titles, and watch a series of machines bring the cars to pickup bays. There are no onsite salesmen, but the vending machine does have staff who can answer questions and guide customers through the vehicle retrieval process.

"And we have cool technology that allows you to see on the website how quickly the car can get to you," said Keeton.

It begins with the drop of a "coin," or token, into a slot that's in the waiting room. The machines, assisted by a Carvana worker with a mobile device, locate the car, secure it on a device that lowers it to ground level. It winds up nose out, ready for the owner who can drive it away without waiting longer than necessary. Customers have a 7-day window for returning cars if they're not satisfied.

Carvana customers can also opt for home delivery of their cars.

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