Soon, you'll be able to buy a car from a vending machine

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Saturday, April 22, 2017
A new way to buy cars coming to Raleigh
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A new way to buy cars is coming to Raleigh - yes, a vending machine

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Vending machines have gone from snacks and drinks to now featuring skincare products and even electronics. In a culture where cash is king, many vending machines even allow customers to pay via debit/credit cards.

In several months, Raleigh will be home to the first car vending machine in the state. Yes, you read that right!

Carvana, the car vending machine company, is in construction to build a location of Navajo Drive between Six Forks Road and Wake Forest Road off I-440.

Here's how it works. Interested buyers visit the company's website and find the car they want and visit the nearest vending machine, insert a Carvana-branded coin, and the machine lowers the vehicle for the customer. If there isn't a Carvana vending machine nearby, buyers can still purchase a car online and the company will ship the car and have it delivered for free as early as the next day.

According to a representative, Carvana has been serving Raleigh since 2015. However, once construction is complete, Triangle residents can pick up their vehicle in person.

"We've already seen great response to our offering and how it enables consumers to skip the dealership and experience a better way to buy a car," a 2015 news release reads. "And the Raleigh market is a huge milestone for us to continue to offer this great experience."

When asked if she would ever buy a car from a vending machine, Norma Marti told our crews, "Never! It sounds silly to me. It's one thing looking online and checking it out and all the features, but then you end up going to the dealership to check it out. Right? At least that's what I do."

Merlyn Shaffer said the process of using a vending machine to buy a car would be interesting and much different than normal. He says he will miss, "Going to the dealership, first of all. Dealing with the bank, and haggle around with the price. And work out a deal and drive off with your new vehicle and hopefully you're happy with it."

Another huge contrast; Carvana does not have any salesmen. The price buyers see online is the same price they will pay for the vehicle.

"You gotta test it. You gotta drive it. You gotta do your research and know what you're getting," said Matt Osborne who was intrigued by the new construction.

Carvana offers a seven-day money-back guarantee. Buyers will be allowed to "test drive" the car for a week and if they are not satisfied, can return it for whatever reason. As of now, Carvana's website only features used cars. A rep with the company declined to comment on when the Raleigh location will be open for vending.

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