Columbine survivor living in Cary shares her story after Florida school shooting

CARY, North Carolina -- Kacey Johnson moved to Cary about six months ago after growing up in Colorado.

She was a junior at Columbine High School in 1999, when two teens opened fire on the school, changing her whole life and the lives of many.

"I mean I nearly died and saw things no 17-year-old should ever see," Johnson told WGHP. "It was the one time that year I stayed for lunch and when the shooting began I hid under a table and started praying and just moments later the shooter was right behind me and shot me close range - my shoulder, hand, and across my neck."

Johnson said she remembered staying very still, praying she'd live.

"I pretended to be dead, hoping he'd move on, and he did."

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After surviving, she said the community support was overwhelming. She was inspired to become a nurse.

"I wanted to be able to have that same impact on somebody else's life," she said.

And now she wants to impact lives in a different way. When a gunman opened fire in a Parkland Florida High School Wednesday, she had to reach out.

"I so badly want to be there with the people experiencing it because there's only a small few of us who really know," Johnson explained.