Love & strong emotional connections at home keep children healthy and out of trouble, study finds

Helping your child feel cared for at home and at school sets them up for long-term success. That's the word from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is out with a new study.

According to the CDC, saying those simple words, "I love you" may actually be what keeps your child out of trouble and out of the hospital.

The agency says kids who felt a stronger connection to family and friends were less likely to misuse drugs, engage in unsafe sexual activity, and be involved in dysfunctional romantic relationships.

Open communication with your child may be the key to making them feel cared for. The CDC suggests that parents:

  • Make time to enjoy activities together with their children
  • Encourage their children to join clubs at school, explore their own interests, and volunteer in the community. Those activities can help build your child's social and emotional maturity
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