How to spot scams during the 2020 Census

The official 2020 U.S. Census is not even out yet, but that isn't stopping scammers. For the first time, the Census will be offered online. While that may be more convenient for you, it also creates big opportunities for scammers.

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You need to watch out for phishing emails or phony calls. This is where scammers are using technology to make it look like they're from the government. They may be looking for social security numbers, banking information or credit card information.

You need to remember real census workers will never ask for any of this information. All they want to know is who is living in your house and how many people live there and how old they are.

If you don't fill out the census online, you also have the option to do it by phone or by paper. If you don't respond at all, a census taker will come to your door.

If that happens, make sure to check their official ID. You can also call the regional census office to double-check.

If you have any questions about the authenticity of the Census taker you can call the regional U.S. Census Office in Atlanta at (800) 424-6974.
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