Did you know Cary is home to one of the world's top chocolatiers?

CARY, North Carolina (WTVD) -- A local mom, and once civil engineer, is now an international award-winning chocolatier.

Grace Stocker entered six bonbons into the Academy of Chocolate's annual competition this year and all six of her chocolates won an award.

The competition is prestigious and draws hundreds of entries from around the world. Gold, silver, and bronze awards are based on a point system and only 9 gold awards were handed out for "filled chocolates" this year.

Stocker took home 3 of those 9 gold awards.

Stoker said she was inspired to pursue her dreams as a chocolatier after seeking out the best chocolate she could find on a trip to Switzerland.

"It's a nice, challenging, small niche I could get really good at," Stocker said. "And that became my challenge. I wanted to master the technique."

The chocolatier opened up her online chocolate shop last November, called Chocolat GRACE, and she's in the processes of scouting out a retail location in Cary.

"I have to look at every component of the bonbons thinking, how do I bring harmony and enjoyment to the person," Stocker said.

Watch a taste test of one of her award-winning bonbons on Facebook Live here.

You can also find out how Stocker tries to layer flavor in her bonbons, and what you should consider when tasting and appreciating any chocolate, in the video above this article.

You can check out more about her chocolates here.

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