When it comes to Christmas shopping, make a plan and get a head start

Nothing says Fa-la-la-la-la like a January trip to the mailbox and discovering that the holidays were more expensive that you'd hoped for.

If you're hoping to stay on budget as you start to buy presents, Alex Sutherland, a financial expert with Lifeplan Group says:

  • Make a list and stick to it
  • Create a budget
  • Decide where best to spend your money
  • Catch sales throughout the year
  • Consider a weekend trip as a present
  • Consider a savings account

  • "Don't think that all of your shopping has to take place in December right before Christmas," Sutherland said. "When the holidays are coming up, you might be able to start shopping a little bit sooner and sooner that way you might be able to get a better deal because you're keeping an eye out for things longer."
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